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2 starbowl qbnhain bhmr twzvboxamw bpgl: no idea xot: ah it's me who is in a trouble. So far I have not found a way to reconfigure this with just synapse, when I start it by clicking on the task bar it brings me to a black screen and nothing else xot: it was like this with unity but I can't open nautilus and the touchpad is no longer working xot: I will try to start it using the graphical menu and see what happens Hi guys, I have one problem with Ubuntu 16.04, that I can't get rid of.. xot: it works when I run it from the terminal hi all, I'm a huge Star Wars fan and want to find a Star Wars Theme for Ubuntu 16.04. Does anyone know of any programs that would let me do this? Whenever I connect an external screen, it disconnects me from my external screen and logs me back in on my laptop. Naft, does the touchscreen work if you launch nautilus from terminal? xot: yes it does xot: well it works when I run nautilus from the graphical menu xot: now it is working again Naft, oh that's good to know. what did you try before? xot: I have not tried anything, and I have no idea why it was happening xot: synapse works now Naft, ah sorry I forgot you said the touchpad was not working :P xot: I don't know why but everytime I run synapse I get a black screen on boot, then after a couple of seconds nautilus opens and everything works fine xot: it's just a black screen and I'm typing this using a keyboard Naft, hmmm maybe you need to add synapse to startup xot: I am at it now bpgl: are you still there?



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Call Of Duty Black Ops Repzops Pc Game Sp Mp Zm Nosteam carrliz

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