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Ahmed Meza


From early on I wanted to be involved in the motorsport world and somewhat followed an academic path that leads to it.

After school and college, I went onto study Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary University. I focussed my projects on motorsport related topics, notably a research study in optimising F1 roll hoop structures to ensure driver head safety. Not long after my research study, the Halo was introduced in motorsport to supplement driver head safety. Additionally I was involved in karting with the British University Karting Championship (BUKC) and founded the first Queen Mary University karting team.

After finishing my bachelors degree I was fortunate to go onto study a Masters degree in Advanced Motorsport Engineering at Cranfield University. This opened a whole new depth into motorsport. During my time studying I completed various interesting projects, and also worked with an amazing team to conceptualise a hybrid hill climb racing car.

After qualifying, as a new graduate committed to make an impact in the industry, I joined an automotive engineering consultancy. Since then I have worked as an engineer on engine performance and design, calibration and autonomous vehicle safety systems.

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