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Race Sim Q Series

Race Sim Q Series

The Ultimate Motion Racing Simulator
From £19,995

Indulge in the epitome of immersive racing with our Motion Racing Simulator – the pinnacle of realism and excitement.

Featuring a state-of-the-art 4 Degrees of Freedom (4DOF) motion system with super-fast actuation speed, this all-in-one setup ensures you not only feel the curves of the track but also achieve 0.88g for an unparalleled sensation.

Transform your racing space effortlessly with our plug-and-play design, making it the most immersive racing experience you've ever encountered. Get ready to transcend reality and unleash the full throttle of excitement right from the comfort of your home.

Feature Summary:

  • Worlds Fastest Linear Actuation System for Racing Simulators

  • Compact and Lightweight Design

  • Designed for Rally, GT and F1 experience

  • Dedicated in-house software

  • Traction Loss experience in addition to Heave, Pitch and Roll

  • Adjustable seat, steering and pedal positions

  • FIA approved seat and restraint

The Q Series is an all in one package. Everything required to enjoy an immersive racing experience is included, delivered and installed.

Content Summary:
Race Sim 4DOF Q series Motion Platform
Direct Drive wheel base (12Nm)
Professional Hydraulic Loadcell Pedal (100kg)
Race Sim eSports PC
55inch Curved Gaming Monitor (4K Monitor)
2.0 Sound Bar

Optional upgrades available, or contact us for a bespoke simulator requirement.

Estimated lead time 8 weeks. Please email for current lead time.

Race Sim Q Series 6 DOF coming soon

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