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Introducing the most advanced direct drive wheel from cammus, the C12. The most powerful external rotor direct drive wheel in the world!


Experience the ultimate value in racing simulation with the Cammus C12 Direct Drive Racing Wheel.


With 12Nm of force feedback, this is the most compact 12Nm wheel on the market, offering the most realistic and immersive driving experience available.


The increased number of programmable buttons and switches, as well as the larger shifter LED indicator, provide more customization and better visibility while racing.


Plus, the first external rotor drive wheel with changeable wheel rims means you can customize the wheel to your preference, as it is compatible with most 6x70mm wheel PCD patterns.


With a 300mm diameter wheel, you'll enjoy a versatile racing experience that feels just like the real thing.


Elevate your racing simulator with the Cammus C12 Direct Drive Racing Wheel.


Pre-Order yours now with our launch offer. Estimate Delivery ~May 2024.


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Cammus C12 Direct Drive Racing Wheel (12Nm)

£699.00 Regular Price
£549.00Sale Price
Pre-Orders for C12 Launch Buyers Expected Delivery May 2024
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