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CONSPIT CPP.LITE Hydraulic Haptic Vibration Pedals set

Experience the next-generation hydraulic system with CONSPIT's Hydraulic BrakeVibration Pedal Set. 


Engineered for those who demand lap speed and stability, our pedal set redefines control in simulated racing.


Key Features:

Next-Gen Hydraulic System: Innovative internal oil passage design enhances feel and reduces wear, ensuring top-notch performance.

Stunning Visual Design: Black semi-transparent finish immerses you in the racing


Stability and Durability: High-stiffness CNC bracket ensures stable feedback, while T6 heat-treated alloy construction offers texture and longevity.

Non-Linear Sensor and Clutch: Ingenious clutch design replicates real-world force,

mapping force and stroke.

Strict Quality: Rigorous testing meets professional standards.

Precision Sensors: Throttle, clutch Hall sensor, and high-precision hydraulic sensor for accuracy.

M-DVF Vibration Feedback: Customizable feedback system for immersive racing.

Rich Software: Collaborate with INSPEED RACING, access real-time data, and fine-tune mapping curves.

Perfect Adjustability: Tailor to your style, whether Formula Racing, GT Racing, or more.

Game Adaptation Features: Acceleration tests, telemetry, lock-ups, and drifting for

dynamic gameplay.

A Thousand Faces: Easily fine-tune your setup.

Community-Driven: Real racing data and expert opinions inform development.


Whats Includes: Throttle, Hydraulic Brake, Clutch and Pedal Base Plate.

Compatible with PC only and with most mainstream sim racing titles.


Conspit CPP.LITE Hydraulic Haptic Pedals

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