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Stylistic Unity

  •   A unified and innovative style, with seamlessly integrated design language throughout, creating a harmonious visual whole.

Optimal Interaction

  •  Carefully designed layout of interactive components, allowing users to effortlessly locate and operate desired functions.

Color Coordination

  •  Ingenious color schemes: carbon black resonates with high-performance and lightweight requirements of racecars, while bright silver and gold symbolize speed and glory.



Unlike fiber reinforced injection solutions, the H.AO HUB features a genuine full carbon fiber shell. The rear shell is crafted using carbon fiber prepreg molding process, aiming for rigidity, durability, and lightweight performance in line with steering wheels of real race cars.


All paddles are concealed within the shell, maintaining a sleek appearance while retaining depth and tactile sensation. The unique texture and luster of carbon fiber, paired with its rigid yet lightweight features, bestow exceptional quality and feel to the entirety.




The frontal layout discards complex curves and variations in shape, embracing a functional form. It employs multi-line frames to outline the frontal profile.


Outer guards of buttons and screen enrich the visual elements of the entire plane while distinctly delineating the distribution of button functions.



  • Breaking tradition with dual-action push-pull levers, Swift-Triggers™ can be used as independent buttons or combined to expand control and interaction possibilities.

Magnetic POGO Control Module

  • The integrated 7-way switch and toggle switch control module, compatible with CONSPIT's original CX, DX, RX series steering wheel, is easily detachable for compatibility with a broader range of steering wheels.

Asymmetric Dual-Clutch Paddles

  • Asymmetric design meets the demands of competitive dual-clutch paddle usage. The primary paddle is for instant release, while the secondary paddle provides precise control for engaging the clutch. The two can be swapped left and right to accommodate individual preferences.

RGB ErgoTouch™

  • The RGB ErgoTouch™ button module has undergone meticulous evaluation and optimization in terms of keystroke and force, ensuring each press elicits the perfect confirmation and feedback.


Dual-Mode Rotary Switch

  • Will allow users to switch between rotary switch/encoder modes.


Featuring a 2.99-inch built-in screen, it offers comprehensive information display and quick switching between various styles. A small space with great potential, empowering your racing experience.


Currently on Pre-order

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CONSPIT H.AO HUB - Sim Racing Wheel Hub Button Box

Currently 4 weeks for pre-ordered items
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