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A performance upgrade kit for the brake pedal on CP5 pedals. The upgrade adds an elastomer assembly to create greater and more progressive resistance. Allowing the user to more accurately control the brake pedal using force based control rather position.


There is also a replacement pedal stop for the throttle to reduce the pedal stroke.


Included in the package is:

Rubber elastomer

Elastomer housing

Positioning spacers * 2

Quick release self-locking pin with keyring

Throttle pedal large diameter pedal stop


Installation is approximately 2 minutes. 

1. Remove the external circlip from the brake pedal stop shaft.

2. Remove the keyed shaft and the pedal stop.

3. Insert the pedal stop cylinder through the elastomer housing

4. Insert the positioning spacers to either side of the elastomer housing

5. Insert the elastomer to the flat side of the elastomer housing, ensuring the chamfer of the housing and the elastomer are normal to each other.

6. Place the elastomer assembly below the brake pedal, aligning the fixture holes.

7. Insert the self-locking pin through the pedal and the elastomer assembly ensuring the self-locking pin exits through to the other side.


A video of this process is also available


Further support can be found by emailing

Performance Upgrade Kit for Cammus CP5 Pedals

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