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Upgrade your sim racing setup with the RS sim racing steering wheel. This GT wheel offers compatibility with all MOZA wheelbases, seamlessly integrating for an optimized racing experience. Constructed using a combination of forged carbon fiber and aluminum, it ensures both resilience and elegance. Enjoy the 13-inch standard racing rim with an ergonomic design for utmost comfort during exhilarating races.


Adorned with a genuine leather grip it provides a nice stylish touch. Effortlessly install and remove it with the built-in quick-release mechanism and choose between wireless or wired connections to match your preferences.


The LED RGB Rev Light heightens your racing immersion while the carbon fiber magnetic shifters guarantee precise gear changes.


Leather Grips

With carefully selected genuine leather and exquisite stitching, the RS grips are sturdy, durable, and have a premium feel.


13 Inch Standard Racing Rim

With the dimensions of a real racing wheel the RS V2 offers a truly versatile and realistic racing experience.


Forged Carbon Fiber base Plate & Magnetic Shifter Paddles

The wheel plate and shifter paddles are manufactured using forged carbon fiber more commonly found on hypercars.


The RS V2 features programmable mechanical buttons with a positive tactile feel. The buttons are backlit and customisable with 8 different colours.With two universal joysticks and 20 segment dials, the RS V2 offers the racer full control during a race.


Customized Quick Release

MOZA's customized industry leading quick-release system is derived from the real racing world and allows racers to switch quickly between wheels whilst ensuring a solid and stable connection.


RGB Sequential RPM/Shift Light Indicator

Using the latest technology the Moza RS v2 features an RPM/shift indicator made of sequential flow lighting. The 10 RGB lights are fully customisable with 7 different colours.


Supports Wireless & Wired Communication

Compatible with all MOZA bases. It works on the R21/R16/R9 bases with wireless communication technology and can also work on the R5 base through slip-ring wired communication.


Dual Clutch System with Magnetic Shifters

The RS V2 features magnetic shift paddles. The two-clutch paddles are easily toggled between single or dual-clutch mode, typically used in professional sim racing titles such as iRacing and F1 series.


Ergonomic Design

With the ergonomic design concept, measurements and manufacturing standards derived from actual race car design, the layout of the RS V2 ensures the driver has quick access to all adjustments.


Compatible with Moza R9, R12, R16 and R21 direct drive wheel bases.

Further compatiblity with Moza R5 through slip-ring wired communication. Please visit Moza technical notes for more information on R5 compatibility.


Whats in the Box:

  • RS V2 Steering Wheel *1
  • Dust Bag
  • Allen Key
  • 4* 8mm Aluminium Heightening Blocks
  • 8* M3X14 Screws
  • 4* Silencer Pads

MOZA Racing RS V2 Steering Wheel, Round - Leather 33 cm (RS25)

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