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The king of entry level immersion and most advanced dual seat belt tensioner on the market, the QS-BT1.


Incoporating the renowned direct drive technology from the QS-220 and QS-210 Qubic Systems have created the gold standard for multi-purpose seat belt tensioning systems.


Driven by the same technology as breathtaking QS-220, QS-BT1 is a multi-purpose, dual channel, direct drive seat belt tensioner that increases sim racing immersion like no other device in its class and price range. It can complete not only force feedback offered by direct drive wheels, but also move up the level of overall experience offered by already really immersive QS motion platforms and if needed, it can even act as a standalone independent device.


Simulation of braking, lateral accelerations, high speed cornering, wheel locks and traction loss are among list of primary features of QS-BT1. Asymmetrical engine vibrations and road surface effects like rumble strips are also available for games that support them and despite being designed mainly for sim racing application, with its 200 N of force per channel, QS-BT1 can also successfully be used in flight simulators, to make you feel gigantic forces during high G maneuvers.



QS-BT1 significantly enhances the level of realism, providing you with an unparalleled opportunity to deeply engage in the intricate dynamics of braking.


This innovative device transforms car simulations into an exhilarating and exceptionally authentic experience, setting a new standard for the intensity and authenticity of virtual driving.



The advanced technology of the dual-channel seat belt tensioner enables precise steering motion simulation, creating a dynamic and realistic experience when turning.

Feel subtle reactions on corners and have full control over the steering wheel, just like in a real vehicle.



QS-BT1 is an advanced seat belt tensioner equipped with innovative engine vibration technology. With this device, you can literally feel the pulsation of the engine power, adding realism and intensity to their virtual driving experience.


Engine vibrations are precisely tailored to reflect changing road conditions, responding to dynamic accelerations and gear shifts. QS-BT1 allows you to fully immerse themselves in simulated automotive emotions, delivering unforgettable sensations for both racing simulator enthusiasts and those seeking realistic automotive experiences.



QS-BT1 goes beyond traditional simulation experiences by introducing the sensation of gear shifting. Through its sophisticated technology, you can distinctly feel the transition between gears as the seat belts respond accordingly to gear changes.


This innovative integration enhances the overall realism of the driving simulation, providing you with tactile feedback that replicates the nuanced dynamics of a real vehicle, making the virtual driving experience even more immersive and engaging.


Available as a stand alone unit to be integrated in your existing racing simulator setup or as a complete unit to start your immersive experience journey.



In the complete set, a bespoke Race Sim 4-point FIA grade seat belt harness set are included (in black as standard, other colours available on request).


Delivery estimated end June / early July 2024


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*PRE-ORDER JULY 2024* Q-Series QS-BT1 Dual Seat Belt Tensioner

Pre-Orders expected delivery July 2024

    • Power Source: 4A/115VAC, 2A/230VAC
    • Rated Power: 321 W
    • Inrush Current: 20A/115VAC, 40A/230VAC
    • Protection Class: 1
    • Interface: USB
    • Number of Independent Channels: 2
    • Pulling Force: 20.5 kg/45 lbs/200 N per channel
    • Storage Temperatures: +4°C to +45°C
    • Full Performance Temperatures: +5°C to +35°C
    • Computer Compatibility: Windows PC
    • Supported Effects: Depends on Specific Game
    • Multifunctional RGB
    • Maximum Length of USB Cable: 3m
    • Maximum Length of Motion-Lock Cable: 3m
    • Motion Platforms Compatibility: QS, PS, HS [1]


    • Main Dimensions: 561 x 99 x 138 mm/22.13 x 3.90 x 5.43 in
    • Main Device Weight: 12 kg/26.46 lbs
    • Power Supply Weight: 2.8 kg/6.17 lbs


    • Packing Box Dimensions: 660 x 255 x 180 mm/25.98 x 10.04 x 7.09 in
    • Packing Box Weight: 18kg/39 lb
  • Included:

    • Main unit (QS-BT1)
    • USB cable
    • External power supply with power cord
    • 2x Low friction inserts for seat belts slots
    • Universal mounting adapter for aluminium cockpits with necessary hardware
    • Motion-Lock jumper + interlink cable

    Not included:

    • Seat belts (optional, sold seperatley as an option)
    • Cockpit
    • Bucket seat
    • Motion-Lock remote switch (sold separately)
    • Dedicated adapter for other cockpits (sold separately)
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