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QS-CH1 is an innovative training product designed for advanced simulation of various modes of transport.

Its compact design based on the technology of linear actuators makes the driver move to the virtual world with the mapping of stimuli from the real world.


Electric actuators generate precise vibrations in real time and reproduce the finest details while driving – such as curves and obstacles on the racetrack. The lightweight and compact structure makes it easy to transport as well as service for multiple and variable installation.



QS-CH1 is a brand new, modular, and flexibly configurable training product dedicated for advanced land vehicles and city car driving simulation. QS-CH1 is a part of the Qubic System product’s series. By using a number of expansion accessories, including manipulators and dedicated peripherals, it is possible to quickly build a simulator for future drivers or vehicle operators.

The motion system consists of 3 DOF platform with electric actuators that provide cues for vehicle acceleration, road curvature and obstacles such as sidewalks and potholes.



This motion system is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for the most realistic simulation and reasonable, easy-to-use motion platform, which is designed for a continuous and maintenance-free operation. QS-CH1 only needs a 1.5 square meter place, and it is ideal for applications where the key is to reproduce the ergonomics of the original vehicle within a compact and mobile form. Power cabinets are located in the lower part of the QS-CH1 motion platform, under the cockpit, which significantly reduces the usable space and improves safety.


Want to try it out before buying, contact us to book an appointment at our showroom in London.

Special Orders have a lead time of 6 weeks, please contact us for an accurate lead time.


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Q-Series QS-CH1 (3DoF) Motion Cockpit


    Architecture: 3DOF
    Actuator stroke: 60 mm | 2.36 in
    Vibration frequency range: 0-100 Hz
    Maximum control frequency: 1000 Hz

    Maximum velocity:
    ◦ Heavy Duty Mode (115/230V): 300 mm/s

    Maximum acceleration:
    ◦ Heavy Duty Mode (115/230V): 0.4G*
    *value of acceleration is limited for safety reasons


    Heave: – 30 mm, 30 mm
    Roll: -4.8°, 4.8°
    Pitch: -3.1°, 3.1°


    Total length: 1426 mm | 56 in
    Total width: 856 mm | 33.7 in
    Total height: 763 mm | 30 in


    Gross moving load: 300kg


    Power supply requirements: 115/230 VAC Single Phase

    Average power consumption in 3DOF configuration:
    ◦ Q-Mode: 260W (230V)
    ◦ Performance Mode: 280W (230V), 270W (115V)
    ◦ Heavy Duty Mode: 436W (230V), 462W (115V)

    Peak current for breaker specification in 3DOF configuration:
    ◦ Q-Mode: 5.17A (230V)
    ◦ Performance Mode: 4.55A (230V), 7.35A (115V)
    ◦ Heavy Duty Mode: 5.88A (230V), 9.89A (115V)

    Connection: USB (PC ONLY)

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