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Sim Centre Solutions

Welcome to the future of gaming with our bespoke sim centre solutions!

At Race Sim we work closely with our corporate clients to understand their sim racing venue goals and how we can devise a complete solution to meet them. Utilising the latest and most cutting-edge technology we bring motorsport-grade simulators right to your visitors fingertips.


Imagine multiplayer races that mimic real-racing events, providing both thrilling entertainment and valuable racing driver training. Our networked simulators offer the most realistic experience ever, guaranteed to delight your customers.

At Race Sim, we offer complete  solutions tailored to your business needs, from decor and furnishing to hardware, software and staff training.

With our setup, you can seamlessly connect multiple simulators for multiplayer races, run various individual hot lap competitions and multiple grouped sessions, all managed effortlessly from a single central control computer (or laptop).

Ready to elevate your arcade experience?

Contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements!


At Race Sim our simulators have been designed and tested for rigorous commercial application. With numerous venues and exhibitions our simulators (cockpit and electronics) provide enhanced durability and robustness for a consistent racing experience maintenance free. We have a variety of solutions to meet all requirements from static simulators to full motion simulators.

Our Venue control software manages and provides a seamless operation of all the simulators within the venue. From turning on at the start of the day, to running individual races and grouped multiplayer races, and shutting down the venue at the end of the day. Our software enables an efficient and cost effective solution that is required for all sim racing venues.



Combining our Simulators, Software Management and Venue Setup, Race Sim provide the most engaging and fun customer experience.

Utilising lobby and reception areas for viewing live on-track racing, large display leader boards and track map for competitive audience, and a cloud based CRM for customers to view and compare their race and telemetry data. 

Ensuring your customers have most enjoying experience on and off the simulators!

Whilst our Sim Centre is awaiting completion, we have opened our 'Lite' venue for individuals & small groups to enjoy racing.


London's Premier Racing Simulator Venue

Feel the Speed, Embrace The Adrenaline and Enjoy The Atmosphere

Race Sim's Very Own chef-d'œuvre

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Race Car
Checkered Flag
Crowd in Stands

Race On The Ultimate Racing Simulators

Fun and Competitive Environment

Enjoyable For All the Family and Friends

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